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Cost Effective Cooling for your Alfresco Areas, Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling, Mist Special Effects & Greenhouse Cooling.

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Your Ultimate Misting System Solution

Transform Your Business with a Misting System

Welcome to a world where comfort meets innovation, and well-built, quality misting systems reshape your scorching world into a serene oasis. Mistafog are leading experts in a variety of misting systems. Offering more than just a cooling solution; we provide an experience that transcends expectations, cooling your world and revolutionising your environment.

Whether it's outdoor cooling, pre-cooling, greenhouse cooling & humidification, or mist special effects, we have you covered. Our team of amazing professionals are here to guide you through every step of the process, from design consultation to installation and beyond.

Versatile and Effective Misting Systems

Misting System Solutions for Every Need

Why Misting Systems?

What Are Misting Systems, And Why Do You Need One?

Misting systems are sophisticated cooling solutions offering respite from the sweltering Australian heat. They disperse a fine mist of water into the air through a series of high-pressure nozzles and they can help keep you cool in a variety of environments.

With Australia known for its hot, sunny climate and soaring temperatures being the norm, staying cool and comfortable can feel like a never-ending battle. This is why misting systems are essential for any business.

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Effective Cooling

Why you need a misting system:

Special Effects Misting System - Mistafog
Misting Systems

Benefits of a Misting System

  • Economical and energy-efficient

  • Reduces dust and other pollutants

  • Deters insects

  • High-pressure system ensures cooling without wetting

  • Cools outdoor areas with superfine mist


How Do Our Misting Systems Work?

Our misting systems consist of high-pressure nozzles installed in your business, connected to a water supply and a high-pressure pump.

When activated, the pump pressurises the water and forces it through the nozzles, where it is atomised into fine droplets.

As the droplets evaporate into the air, they absorb heat from the surroundings, lowering the overall temperature and creating coolness.

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Why Choose Us?

Misting and Fogging Information

Do I need a pump?
Any properly designed, professional misting system will require a pump. To atomise the water and get full evaporation, you will need a pump producing around 1000psi. Any high pressure misting system with quality nozzles won't even spray until the pressure gets over 200psi, about 3 times the pressure produced by your standard water tap.

Without a pump producing this high pressure, the system would spray droplets too large to evaporate quickly enough in the air, leaving the surronding fixtures, floor, and even worse people, to get wet.

Are Misting Systems Safe?
Our misting systems use nothing but pure, filtered water. There are no additives needed because the object of our misting systems is to atomise the water droplets as small as possible so that they evaporate as quickly as possible, removing heat from the air. Any additives could slow down that process.
Do Misting Systems Make Everything Wet?
The simple answer is, not if it is done properly. A high pressure system, with a pump, quality anti-drip atomising nozzles and well designed for the space it is to cool, will not cause any wetness.
How Much Does A Misting System Cost?
A difficult question to answer. It's like saying how much does a house cost? The variables are: how much area you need to cover, how much air flow you have, what the best equipment is to do the job, what controls you need and something a simple as when you are and your climate conditions. As long time designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers of commercial mist cooling systems, our projects have ranged from $6,000 to $250,000. A consultation is the only way to work out what you need and the best way to achieve it.